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Downloads : SMART English A2 Presentations

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Smart English A2 Sample Unit
Smart English A2 Sample Unit
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Motivating the teenage learner MexTESOL 2011 Anna Whitcher


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Smart English Real topics CLIL and exams MexTESOL Oct 2011 Anna Whitcher


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Using Smart English & QSE for Trinity ISE & GESE 2015


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Reviews of QSE

QSE - Quick Smart English

  • "The book … provides a huge amount of language material to choose from, depending which exam your students plan to take."
  • "The course is generally aiming to teach English through researching various subjects. The section on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is the best example. Not only fluency in speaking has been promoted here; regular writing practice is gradually introduced in each unit."
  • "What the teacher will surely appreciate are the model answers for each task."

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