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QSE Intermediate Workbook

Workbooks can be used for self-study (homework) or in class. For each Unit, there is Workbook Grammar section. This explains and practices the grammar introduced inductively in the Student's Book.

There is also a wide variety Use of English, Vocabulary, and Portfolio Writing exercises, plus Progress Tests, Language Bank exercises, Role Cards, Audio scripts and a Word list.

An introductory Unit (Unit 0) is available free to download from this website.

  1. Language - grammar explanations with relevant examples and practice activities. The answers to all exercises are in the Teacher's Guide.
  2. Use of English - exercises in the style of the Cambridge FCE Examination.
  3. Connections - lexical development, with opportunities to practice collocations, synonyms and other language awareness activities.
  4. Portfolio writing - also in exam style.

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QSE Pre-Intermediate Workbook

QSE Pre-Intermediate Workbook