Innovation in ELT
Brookemead Associates Ltd
Educational Publishers
London, UK - San Francisco, USA

Review by IH (International House) Journal

"Nice colourful pages and photos, short units to avoid overdoing a topic, a novel alternative slant to each topic and tasks geared towards becoming familiar with PET exam-type questions."


QSE Pre-Intermediate Student's Book

"QSE introduces a fresh angle on the usual topics of sports, shopping, and festivals etc by looking at, for example, the dangers of sports or being lipped off by pushy shop assistants. Both students and teachers will like this, as my students did, as well as the useful vocabulary for day-to-day language that it introduces. The units are also shorter than normal to avoid boredom with a given topic i.e. the 'Oh no, not more on the environment' syndrome."

"… the listening activities themselves can be quite interesting and relevant to modern life."

"Each unit in the book has a writing task on the topic, which I found very useful for allocating as written assignments and the discussion topics throughout the units provided students with some good vocabulary and guided discussion."

"In terms of skills practice QSE provides an interesting slant on topics, and the new vocabulary and productive skills are well exploited so QSE could provide teachers with some good supplementary skills practice to add to their regular syllabus."

IH (International House) Journal, May 2007